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Welcome to PrimusTech 

We are a Swiss Investments and Advisory Services Company, founded and managed by Adel Michael, an entrepreneur with extensive expertise in the development and management of industrial companies.


Our objective is to maximize the return on our investments by leveraging our management team market knowledge and relationship, strategic and operational field experiences to originate, manage and accelerate value creation of our portfolio companies

A Different Entrepreneurial Aproach to Private Equity Investments

About us

PrimusTech activities as Investor or Advisor are focused on innovative industrial SME’s active in knowledge-based manufacturing sectors with high growth potential.


Our fundamental believe is that specialized knowledge and expertise combined with strong involvement in the execution will produce high and consistent return on investments.



We distinguish ourselves by offering a unique approach to equity investments combined with long-term strategic and operational management support. 


We seek to deliver sound strategies and professional management services for building investments opportunities.


Our main objective is to maximize returns and risks control levels while protecting our investments and grow the business value in which we invest.


Confidence is earned through our ability to ascertain objectives, working in partnership with our partners and co-investors to optimize the return on our portfolio and investments


PrimusTech Investments is a control oriented private equity investor specialized in acquiring majority stake in companies active in specific fields where it can leverage its strategic and operational team combined expertise to maximize the value growth of the assets we invest in.



Our investment strategy is focused on small and medium innovative industrial companies where Swiss Quality culture as well as specific knowledge and expertise are the main success drivers. We act as long term industrial investor as we align our interests with all other stakeholders.


Our investment targets are non-listed companies active in the manufacturing segment, preferably in high growth sectors such as the MedTech, Mecatronics Automation and Systems, Machinery and Precision components supply chain.


We only invest in a controlling position under the form of equity or quasi-equity, alone or as co-investors with other partners depending on the transaction size.


We always combine our investments with the active involvement of our powerful team of experienced partners and advisors to support the execution of our investment strategy.

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