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Meet The Team


Adel Michael

Founder & CEO


A Swiss serial entrepreneur holding an engineering degree in mechanics and manufacturing processes automation. Adel Michael long term strategic industrial vision focuses on innovation leadership and operational excellence. During his career, Adel was involved in a large variety of industrial sectors ranging from the watch industry to the machine tool and the knowledge-based manufacturing processes and industries. Adel is behind the foundation and the development of numerous successful international industrial initiatives as Key Executive or as Board Member in more than three decades.

Phone: +41 21 614 2020

Alain Michael

Investments Advisor & Assets Manager


Alain Michael holds an MSc in Biomedical microengineering from the Swiss Federal Institude of Technology in Lausanne. He did also complete a programme in Deep Learning (artificial intelligence) with the Stanford University of California/USA. Before joining PrimusTech Team, he was exposed to various challenges and was involved into multiple R&D projects in companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

Thanks to his analytic mindset and his broad technical knowledge, he has been leading various investments opportunities evaluations and optimisation projects for PrimusTech portfolio.

Phone: +41 21 614 2020

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