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Our management advisory services strength lies on our partners and advisors expertise in understanding markets dynamics, strategic challenges influencing business positioning and last but not least operational improvements potential to optimize company's performance and results.


Investment Advisory Services

We offer Investment Advisory Services to Private Equity Investors and to Entrepreneurs willing to invest in industrial companies and assets or having already invested.


Our Investment Advisory Services cover :


  • Market screening and opportunities identification

  • Selection and Assessment of investment opportunities

  • Strategy and Business performance review.


We are active in many industrial sectors where our management team expertise can help creating strategic positioning and value.

Management Advisory Services

Globalization has increased the level of competition in the world market. In today’s economy most companies are facing more and more complex business environment.


PrimusTech Team of Experts is committed to develop the strategies allowing the companies' portfolio to improve their business performance and secure a sustainable success.


Relevant assessment of opportunities and threats are crucial for defining responsive, powerful and long term successful strategies.


Our management team is monitoring the endorsed strategy to secure its deployment and expected results.


We operate professionally within a framework of uncompromised ethical integrity, social and environmental responsibility.

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